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Out of the office and into the pit...

The last few weeks has seen a change in scenery for the guys at Creative Commercial Interiors as we swapped the office for the warehouse floor.

Crane Stockham Valve asked Creative Commercial Interiors to design, construct and commission a Cryopit in the middle of the factory floor for a new piece of machinery. A bit out of the ordinary for the guys at Creative Commercial Interiors but it was undertook using the same principles we use for every job.

The project was managed from start to finish by our project management team, with weekly onsite meetings ensuring the project was kept on time and that the pit was exactly the right size as accuracy was vital to the success of this project due to the size of the machinery being installed.

Creative Commercial Interiors are committed to helping our clients achieve their ideal workplace solution whatever that may be. We have been involved in the refurbishment of credit unions, warehouses, banks and many more. We pride ourselves on being the one stop shop for commercial premises refurbishment.

Chris Cree


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